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Automotive Nylon Timing Pulley

Automotive Nylon Timing Pulleys are highly demanded because of their light weighted structure and durable components of greater quality and repetition. These products are more preferable than aluminium or steel because of their low inertia. As Nylon has more tensile strength than some other metal pulleys these are highly applicative for heavy load vehicles. Automotive Nylon Timing Pulleys offer a smooth, relaxing operation with zero harmonic vibration. This means that these are importantly quieter in comparison with other kindred pulleys factory-made from other materials.

  • Highly resistant to chemical and corrosion, can be utilized in virtually all environmental states.
  • Have a natural wear opposition as nylon acts as a natural lubricant.
  • Readily accessible in a wide assortment of sizes and pitches.
  • Have a specific gravity that contributes to safe driving.