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Automotive Belt Tensioner Pulley

The Automotive Belt Tensioner Pulleys affixed to either the spring mechanism or to the adaptable pivot points are utilized to support constant tension on the serpentine belt. Used to renew the old or broken timing belt pulleys, these are very easy to install. Being exceedingly important in the correct operation of the accessory belt drive system these maintain the right amount of tension on the belts at every time throughout the duty cycle. The products also help in protecting the components, water pumps, alternators from undue accent and untimely failure. The Automotive Belt Tensioner Pulleys we offer don’t make noise and work equally well in extremely high temperatures.

  • Having the structure of bearings these also feature metal balls that run on an integrated channel.
  • Ensure consistent movement, resistant to rust.
  • Work equally well in high loads and severe conditions during engine procedure.
  • Prevent the wear and destruction of the belts, guide the belt by insuring proper movement.
Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley
Belt Tensioner Pulley For Automobile Segment